Why Exhibit?

The World's Premier and Most Important Global Event

Humanity Upgrade Expo is the single most important health and life science technology event in a generation. Delegates, technologists, and healthcare vendors will meet to experience and discuss the critical issues and solutions in the new world of healthcare and life sciences.

Whether you are targeting the entire conference community of life sciences, pharma, biotech, healthcare, IT professionals, high-level decision-makers, or the savvy consumer, HUExpo offers a variety of qualified and esteemed delegates all under one roof. Where else in the world can you exhibit your products and solutions to an audience that is eager to learn about the latest in healthcare and life sciences and all that it entails?

You’ve heard all the projections. You know about the billions of dollars that are being spent in healthcare solutions, and life science technology. As per industry experts “The global life sciences industry has been on the rise, growing more rapidly than ever over the past decade. Its trajectory only accelerated throughout 2020 and into early 2021-with the demand for its products surging and access to capital continuing to greatly expand in both periods. A record $70 billion of private and public capital poured into life sciences-related companies in NA in 2020 a 93% increase from the previous record of $36 billion received in 2018. If investments continues at the pace we’ve seen into the first quarter of 2021 (already totaling $32.9 billion), we could see somewhere in the area of $90 billion raised this year alone. Join us at Humanity Upgrade Expo to ensure the future of your business.

HUExpo offers a variety of comprehensive sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities to access our qualified and esteemed delegates to maximize your exposure before, during, and after the event. The HU team will help to ensure your ROI with our unmatched integrated marketing programs. Opportunities include but are not limited to exhibits, sponsorships, keynotes, general sessions, breakout presentations (live, simulive and on-demand webinars), branding, lead generation, and access to our extensive online resources and database.


Company Type

• Biotech and Pharma
• Tech Companies
• Healthcare
• Press
• Financial
• Government
• Service Providers

Delegate Title

• Executives and Directors
• Business and IT Professionals
• Practitioners
• Manager
• Sales and Marketing
• Scientist and Technologist
• Savvy Consumer