Digital Transformation

Track 2

Healthcare | Medtech

Discover the newest life-saving healthcare solutions from thought leaders in the market-place. Dramatic breakthroughs in medicine, public health, social and economic development have resulted in unprecedented extensions of the human lifespan across the world. At the current pace, population aging is poised to impose a significant strain on economies, health systems, and social structures worldwide. Humanity Upgrade thought leaders will be confronting these issues head on. These health challenges can only be solved at the intersection of life science technology, medical advances, and biotechnology.

Social Transformation

Now more than ever it is imperative to learn from industry experts and capture the advantages of their evolving technologies. This is the greatest moment of change in human history. As we accelerate thru the 21st Century we must confront the important issues of our time. Experts agree that the transformation of the medical/life sciences industry will be the greatest change in business in history. A multitrillion dollar industry, healthcare, is being upended and will land in completely different places. The stakes for human health and long-term economic stability have never been higher.


Innovation is proceeding at a blistering pace. As knowledge doubles every 12-13 months it is impossible to stay current in your own field much less the fields of science and technology that are transforming healthy longevity. Humanity Upgrade Expo will curate the important information so that you can identify, integrate and assimilate the key innovations into your business, and life.

Business Transformation

The events of 2020 have accelerated the future of work. Everyone is being affected, from large, medium to small organizations and billions of individuals. It is more important than ever to invest in the latest technology and the skills of your workforce. The strength and agility of your people will be what continues to propel your business forward. As technology rapidly evolves companies that support innovation by adjusting will thrive and prosper. Paradigm-shifting forces is driving significant changes in both society and the workforce. As diverse people enter this shift, businesses and society must adjust or risk from falling behind. HUExpo will identify these innovations and competencies of the future – which ones are gaining or losing prominence and why.

The Next Generation

HUExpo is the primary source of educational opportunity during the Age of Transformation. Next generation learning will transform the education and innovation process. In a complex world you need a multidimensional approach to education and problem solving. No longer can we think in traditional silos. HUExpo is as a leader in multidimensional education combining – STEM, cross cutting concepts applied to the physical sciences, life sciences, and technology. This is the most direct path to solving our complex problems and to providing robust solutions in the healthy longevity and life science technology market-place.