Health IT

Track 3


You have multiple digital “fingerprints” – voice, facial, DNA, and physical movements, even how you type. HUExpo brings together thought leaders who will present real-life case studies, and discussions.  Get the latest industry insights, make smarter decisions by analyzing emerging trends. The sophisticated world of biometric  is transforming the life sciences industry, saving lives, improving outcomes and facilitating your journey to healthy longevity.  

DNA Transformation

Discover the world of DNA Transformation at HUExpo. DNA and genome sequencing opens the doorway to precision medicine. We can look at our metabolome to come up with the “Digital You.” It is the true workings of your body and what makes you unique. Accurate predictions on the potential diseases you are predisposed to, allowing providers to take early definitive actions and mitigate future disease states. A predisposition to diabetes can be identified early allowing patient to take early lifestyle actions, diet and exercise, to prevent the onset of this devastating disease. The ability to be predictive and preventative is a big win for our healthcare ecosystem. 


Why is it so important? HUExpo experts explore and present epigenetics solutions. What are the key environmental factors that control the expression of your genes? This is the critical question answered by the burgeoning field of epigenetics. Diet, lifestyle, stress, toxins, and even the harsh environments of your ancestors have been proven to affect the expression of your DNA. Epigenetics can be used to predict your biological age versus your chronological age. Epigentic technologies have broad and important applications in the field of life sciences. As technology facilitates epigenetic research it is the most important aspect of longevity investigation. 


How you translate breakthrough science into successful applications is the key to realizing the full promise and potential of life science technologies. Diagnostic life science companies around the world are engineering solutions and delivery systems that are transforming the industry with devices that streamline the path to the marketplace. You will discover the innovations that make a difference at HUExpo. Accurate, proactive, interrogation of real problems is the future of healthy longevity. Integrating diagnostic platforms with real-time delivery technologies is a key ingredient to a healthy future. 

Data Science

HUEXpo will put you ahead of the curve by bringing all the stakeholders together to collaborate and integrate the information that providers and life science companies need to have maximum impact. Biomedical research groups from around the world are producing more data than they can handle. Experts predict that we will see significant benefits from big data analysis in the healthcare-payer system, evidence-based medicine, research, development, and public health. All of life sciences will be improved by this advanced technology

Data Visualization Tools

Learn from top experts in their fields the new visualization tools and platforms. Data analytics is an innovative, fast-growing field that has the potential to create tremendous change. In the hands of providers, business leaders, and IT professional data-driven insights yield the power to make the right decision at the right time. Within the pharma and life sciences space, data analytics is improving the efficiency of employees, systems and operations. These digital advances are already having far-reaching impact — the overall health and well-being of the planet’s entire population will be improved. 

Pharma R&D

HUExpo brings together the multiple stakeholders in one place to dramatically enhance this complex process. Bio/pharma R&D is the scientific exploration of disease mechanisms to develop agents that will have significant impact on specific diseases. Providing safe therapeutic benefits is the ultimate goal. Discovery and Development, D&D creates a mountain of information in the process of creating a clinically effective pharmaceutical that can scale. This is one of the most complicated processes in modern business and can only be accomplished thru collaborative efforts.


Biology seamlessly integrates with IT. Genomic data, the most personal of all human data, is creating and explosion in vital health information. The exponential growth in computing power and the commercialization of wearable technologies is transforming the marketplace. Genomics has enormous potential to reshape every aspect of healthcare delivery, and drug discovery by leading the drive to personalized medicine. Genomics offers a versatile approach to probe the genome and gain insight into the structure and function of targeted areas. The uses of the technology range from physical mapping of DNA over large regions of interests, to dynamic studies of DNA replication.   As the human genome potential becomes an integral part of the life sciences landscape, the volume of genomic data will continue to expand. Managing this data has led to a seismic shift in the way information is gathered, stored, analyzed and used. At Humanity Upgrade Expo you can stay on top of this revolutionary trend.