Why Attend?

The World's Premier and Most Important Global Event

Humanity Upgrade Expo is the world’s most important global event. HUExpo will help you bridge the gap of society’s mounting challenges by integrating effective healthcare solutions and life science technologies. The Age of Transformation is upon us – life and business as we knew it will never be the same. Now more than ever it is imperative to learn from industry experts and capture the advantages of their evolving technologies.

Pioneers at the intersection of science and technology will transform life and business as we know it forever. According to Scott Galloway, there will be three huge mega-trends in capital and opportunity. The world’s largest industries are being upended and will land in completely different places. HUExpo is at the forefront helping you capitalize on these transformations personally and financially.

  • The first is disruption is in healthcare solutions. Healthcare has been upended and will be advanced by innovative solutions offering society and businesses unparalleled opportunities.
  • The second disruption is in how we learn. As knowledge exponentially accelerates, virtual learning becomes a key strategy. HUExpo is the primary source of educational opportunity during the Age of Transformation. We will curate the definitive insights and solutions from top industry experts in healthcare and life sciences.
  • The third is social and business transformation – The world is undergoing important social transformation driven by the impact of globalization, global environmental change, and economic and financial crises. “These transformations demonstrate the urge for innovative solutions.” UNESCO
  • As technology rapidly evolves, companies that support innovation by adjusting will thrive and prosper. Paradigm-shifting forces are driving significant change in both society and the workforce. As more people enter this shift, businesses and society must adjust or risk falling behind.

Through thought-provoking keynotes, unmatched educational breakout sessions and engaging power panels, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of our rapidly changing world. You will immediately be able to capitalize on these insights, solutions, and technologies.