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Track 6


At HUExpo you will hear from renowned experts on how to improve your brain function thru, technology, and nootropics. As psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience has moved beyond the belief that the adult brain is a static structure that diminishes with age, neuroplasticity has broad implications for recovery from injury and enhanced brain performance. Research has illustrated the remarkable ability of the brain to reorganize itself based on varied stimuli. Researchers have started to develop a fuller understanding of the different regulators that modulate and underlie plasticity.

Cognitive Architecture

Mind meets technology – cognitive architecture combines the latest neuroscience (human mind) research and translates those insights into enhanced computational effectiveness. This research has impacted the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and computational cognitive science. Simulating human problem-solving and mental processing can be used to reproduce and/or predict human behavior and performance, improving human and technology interaction.

Creativity Intelligence

Creativity is a fundamental feature of human intelligence, and a challenge for AI to duplicate. This field of research is at the focal point of digital transformation. As machine learning algorithms improve, they will continue to replicate human creativity and displace traditional repetitive task jobs. The capacity to help or harm humanity lies at the core of this enterprise. HUExpo will expose both the technological and social challenges of this digital transformation. There will be seismic shifts in how we live, and work. This is one of the most important conversations in the 21st Century.

Consciousness Processing

HUExpo will bring you the conscious voices that embody the core concepts of consciousness processing. Our relationship with information is crucial to our success. As the amount of information continues to exponentially expand the information ecology is becoming more toxic. We need effective ways to navigate this new reality. Your ability to assimilate accurate, relevant, and timely information is crucial to your success and our collective survival.