Track 4

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is becoming a critical to the success of  life sciences companies. Digital transformation – digital business – digital technology – digital disruption – digital health. No matter how you refer to it, the digital revolution is transforming our lives. Innovative companies around the world are embracing digital transformation. HUExpo explores digital transformation, challenges and opportunities. What does digital transformation in life science and healthy longevity mean? Where can we maximize results for an aging population?

Enterprise Cloud

Digital Age Is Changing Business Forever! The Future of Cloud Computing in the Digital Age – Cloud is no longer an option but is essential for building IT infrastructures within corporations. Cloud is the future foundation of the digital age because of its rapid enterprise adoption. The digitalization journey has become increasingly sophisticated, driven by changing business models.

COVID-19’s impact in organizations has made global decision makers and users think about their future cloud strategies in the public, private and multi-cloud market. The adoption of cloud computing was rapidly expanding before the pandemic, now more than ever, vital changes to business operations has caused the adoption of cloud to increase at an even greater rate.

Digital Health

Healthcare and life science organizations have a unique opportunity to build out their digital strategy & initiatives as the world begins to realize the unlimited potential of technology to improve lives. Digital health platforms are paving the way to effective healthcare. Unfettered access to professionals with effective lifestyle and healthcare solutions will go a long way to stem the tide of chronic disease. Technology has a hand in creating our challenges it will also be crucial to their solutions. Real time biometric monitoring, connected devices, wearables and telemedicine will combine to empower individuals and their caregivers. With applications for the broad spectrum of individuals from the seriously ill, to the Olympic athletes, and the weekend warrior. HUExpo will bring you the innovative leaders in the digital health ecosystems.


HUExpo will explore the impact of 5G on IoT for Life Sciences and Healthcare and how it will dramatically improve the execution of 5G. 5G promises to enhance our interconnectedness making a host of digital technologies possible while significantly enhancing others. Healthcare accessibility will be enhanced with the potential to positively impact the masses. We must also be aware of the potential mental, and physical downsides to this technology. Many experts are concerned about the worldwide experiment being conducted on humanity with rapid deployment of 5G towers. A wide range of experts will offer the facts on how you can benefit from this technology and avoid and potential downsides.

Devices & Wearables

COVID-19 has introduced the world to a “new normal,” with the greatest impact on healthcare. It has forever shaped the future of healthcare delivery, while its immediate impact has been on medical technology — focusing on digital devices and a shift towards collaborative product development processes. In the rapidly changing digital world, innovations to medical devices will make them more modular and adaptable while also improving patient experience. For healthcare organizations to succeed, you need functional, dependable technology to effectively meet patients’ requirements and keep processes running smoothly.

Wearable technology will enable the continuous monitoring of human physical activities and behaviors, as well as physiological and biochemical parameters. Wearable technologies offer key insights into healthcare problems and their solutions. Exceptional healthcare no longer depends on clinicians alone in today’s technology driven landscape. Healthcare IT will be used for disease management, to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and save lives. Applications are designed for the prevention of disease, drug safety, and the maintenance of health.